Do's & Don'ts: A Guide to Invitation Etiquette

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

It goes without saying, the invitations you send out to your guests set the tone for your party, so it's definitely worth getting it right! The excitement begins when your guests open their mailbox and find your invitation. Does it scream, "I can't miss this party, it's going to be brilliant!" Or did you send out an invitation that reads like a bad to-do list of boring statistics, leaving your guests to ponder, "I think I'll pass on this one, and watch that Golden Girls Marathon on Lifetime instead."

Below are a few etiquette Do's and Don'ts... We couldn't cover them all as each invitation is unique, so come on in and ask us. Our friendly, experienced wordsmiths are here to help!​

  • DO include the words “and Guest” when addressing envelopes if you wish to give single guests the option of bringing a date.

  • DO NOT address your guests with nicknames on your invitation envelopes.

  • DO write out abbreviations on your envelopes, just as you would on your invitations.

  • DO NOT use printed address labels, even if you are inviting hundreds of guests.

  • DO call your guest if they haven’t confirmed a week after your RSVP date.

  • DO NOT give too much information about the wedding, stick to the basics.

  • DO remember to include save-the-date postage when calculating your wedding budget.

  • DO NOT email your save-the-date information.

  • DO follow up with a wedding invitation, which you should mail four to six weeks before the actual celebration.

  • DO NOT send gift registry information. The only place to include that is with a shower invitation.

  • DO make sure you know when to use "pleasure of your company" versus "honour of your presence."

  • DO remember to put the hour of the ceremony. It also is an indication of the formality of the reception.

  • DO NOT forget to put the dress code on the invitations if you have concerns.

  • DO order about 15-20 more invitations than you think you will need.

  • DO NOT seal the envelopes and then write the names and addresses on the envelope, as it may leave indents on the invitation itself.

  • DO call Sugar Press and schedule an appointment to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable wedding invitation specialist.

  • DO NOT order your wedding invitations, or any invitations for that matter on-line or through a catalogue or fair!

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